Friday, September 9, 2016

Dancing at the LEA 1

By Gemma Cleanslate

 LEA 1 is open for fun! It has been open since August 1 and will be there through the end of October. There are free dance lessons offered for all in four delightful venues in the region. The idea and the region are there through the group 2Ldance. The builds in the region are delightful just to visit. I took a tour of the gardens which are filled with lovely foliage and walkways. The Gardens Park is a wonderful place to dance. I visited the building which holds one of the classrooms where lessons are held, Jardines  de Baile , after the Mexican coast area was built by Stella Rhode Recco. Lesly Rotaru built Swing City, reminiscent of the 40’s dance halls, and Barbie Alchemi built Gardens Park that I just loved.
When I went to a live dance class I found the instructor, Carlyle Chaparral , giving the lesson and explaining about the various dance terms.”FRAME is what holds a dancing couple together. The LEAD “pulls” with the right hand, and the FOLLOW “pushes back” with her left. This tension helps the LEAD control the movement.” Carlyle gave instructions. Barbie Alchemi was his assistant for the session and all took turns dancing dances with partners and changing often. It was great fun! 

“We use the word “nightclub” to describe several kinds of slower, smoother Swing dances, such as West Coast Swing, Carolina Shag, and Blues.” was the announcement as we changed dances . The education is ongoing through the session which is fun and interesting. “As the LEAD guides the dance, the FOLLOW can focus on Flourish, those twists, sways, spins and hand motions that embellish the basic dance.  West Coast Swing usually moves in a “slot” shape, forward and back, but we have not been able to find a good animation in Second Life to illustrate this.” If you know anyone can do this type of animation Carlyle would be happy if you contact him.
On the wall there is a list of themes for dances and what would be good to wear and provides dressing rooms in which to change into the appropriate costume or gown.  In all I would say a visit to the Lea1 in the next month would be a great thing to do. Wander the areas but try to get to a dance session.  You can check this calendar for live dance lessons times and places. I I highly recommend you visit the sim to check out the lovely builds. This will take you to the Welcome center where you can catch a tp to other venues.

Gemma Cleanslate

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