Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Mysteria at the Oval Theater

By Gemma Cleanslate

I spent Monday at the Oval Theater watching their new show, “Mysteria.” The invitation said, “Let your imagination soar as your reality merges with a world of wonder and whimsy in an enchanting production that is sure to leave you spellbound” and it did. It is a perfect description of the performance.  The show is an eclectic collection of scenes ,  each with dance and song.

Othon Weiland-Nootan (Othon Weiland) greeted everyone as we arrived and settled ourselves in the comfortable seats around little tables, set in groups of four in the theater. It has seating on several levels so it is very perfect for viewing the stage from all angles. The scenery is a show in itself. Each scene has a setting that fits the performance going on and each is fabulous.

The choreography is an art that must take so much time to prepare with so many styles of dance.  The music is a fitting choice for it or vice versa . It all works beautifully.  The costumes are beyond description. The entire performance is over an hour but flows so evenly with costume changes going on behind the scenes with pleasant break music for the short changes. The entire cast is to be applauded for all their work with many appearing in more than one scene in various roles .

I am happy to tell you that the show will be performed two more times. July 21st and 23rd at 1PM SLT so you will not miss it. Enjoy! 

Gemma Cleanslate

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