Monday, October 6, 2014

Bryn Oh And More at the LEA

 By Gemma Cleanslate

I have been a fan of Bryn Oh for many years in Second Life. Her art is always a delight to visit  and often become part of it by interaction. Bryn is a real life artist living in Toronto Canada, whose landscapes are known over many countries and exhibited in many museums and galleries.  She has been doing various forms in exhibits that are extensive filling a sim from top to bottom and border to border and very interactive for the visitors. Some of my favorite exhibits include the "Rabbbicorn" story and "Anna’s Many Murders." 
Right now she has an installation titled  Retrospective in LEA 9.This goes back to here original art done in 2007and shows work to 2014.It is a wonderful perspective of how her art has progressed over the years.It is almost overwhelming in its scope. As you move through the site you will click on posters that lead you to  her machinima . Her artistry is in many media. The entire region is full of exhibit examples from each year. Just follow the signs. It will be open through December.
Another lovely exhibit not to be missed has opened in LEA6. It is art of real-life and Second Life photographs, and a poetry exhibit. Again the artist is a real life artist, Eliza Cabassoun, who says of her pieces, “Everyone has a place where they found their soul. This is where I found mine.  I found mine in a cabin by a lake where the fog rises in the morning into the mountains like a warm blanket.This lake is where I followed my soul to realize I have two gifts--writing and photography--and a part of my soul will always be here.” 
There is a convenient TP to get you to the gallery and Poetry Garden.  Walk around her lake to view some art  and some of her sculpture .
Gemma Cleanslate

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