Wednesday, February 27, 2013


By Gemma Cleanslate

Arrive at Galerie Artemis in RothKo  and hop on a flying saucer to take a journey into outer space through a wonderful series of experiences that Betty Turead has created called The UFO, “Scientists have a long time searched for 'The God Spot' in the human brain. Where is sitting the believe in God, Buddha Or are those right, who believe we are descendants of UFO aliens?” She has an installation, in which you can explore the theory, that is very beautiful. 

There are 10 levels through which to traverse using the green UFO that will take you easily to the next level.. Be sure to walk around and try to click on  everything as you arrive at each to fully experience it all. You can become part of the display if you like. As you walk the display will change. Each part has a name to ponder... ‘They Look on us..... Mind Blow... A Digital Tsunami, just to give you a few. The psychedelic colors and images do give you pause to meditate on the elusive questions of our existence.  Betty is a well known artist in SL and all her art is created in world. Of herself she says, “I am a hyper-maniac doing all kind off stuff in SL." Her works have been exhibited at LEA and many galleries and events in SL

The opening was on Thursday (Feb 21)  and I was able to get to part of it but missed the party with music by Ultraviolet Alter. I went back the next morning to take time to absorb each part of the installation and  plan to go back again. Each level has its own charm and needs time. I felt I had ventured into an Aurora Borealis. Textures shapes, movement and surprises await you. You can pick up a notecard that will give you information about it all and the names of each of the 10  levels that leads you to The UFO.

Gemma Cleanslate

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