Friday, February 22, 2013

A Visit to East Gallery

By Gemma Cleanslate
 Monroe Snook is the operator of the Studio 33 Gallery and is a real-life and SL photographer who creates eclectic pieces. Right now you can see some of her latest works displayed at the East Gallery in Georgiana.  I found Monroe there and she was gracious to explain some of her works to me. One photograph is of a “cracked mud bank along the shore of the delta in northern California.” She has taken a photo of a mud bank and manipulated it to add more texture to it and make it more abstract. The final product is lovely with glimmers of light against the dark.
Nearby is a stand of oaks also taken in northern California  that has also been texturized to enhance it. There is one new venture where she has taken tree textures and raised them along an arm that seems to be holding an avatar’s head. She told me the head is of an old avatar that was Monroe. It is an amazing piece. All of  the photos there except two, are new creations.
When you think you have absorbed her photos, take a walk next door and visit the art of Jerideana Francois better known as (The Jeri ). She is a real-life graphic artist and brings her works to SL. “Her latest works have been inspired from the death of her father and show both life and life in death, for our memories assure us to remember what we love,“ it says on the notecard you can pick up at the door. The vibrant tropical colors speak of her real-life home in Florida. 
Across the way you will find more vivid, works by Vicky Sierota, a writer and artist living in Athens. It takes a while to discern the patterns in her works which are alive with color.  Next door you will find ‘Aussie Views,’ a collection of real-life photographs by Zedber Zabelin. One of the most amazing is called’ Fire in the Sky,’ a spectacular view of the sky. Zebder likes fungi and has some photos of tiny, delicate  “mushrooms" that are quite lovely.

That is just the 5th floor at the East Gallery, and there are many to explore each with exhibits by AL artists you should not miss.  If you have not taken a look at the main gallery or the other sites of the gallerty you will find a tp station in the hall where you have a choice of locales to visit . Each is worth the time. There is a great tp station at the main entrance where you can pick up all the programs for each gallery with all the artists being shown and telport to any you wish to visit. 
Gemma Cleanslate

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