Monday, November 26, 2012

The New Palais Orleans

By Gemma Cleanslate

At the beginning of November I was invited to Palais Orleans to view recent works by two artists. I began to do a story about it, but stopped when I learned while talking to the owner that she was about to tear the whole gallery down and build a new complex. That made me wait. Morgana Nagorski has now finished her three galleries and launched them at opening parties on Saturday and Sunday. I attended the  party on Sunday along with many other guests. I heard that about 70 attended the opening Saturday.  

Gallery 1 is a collection of lovely pieces by Morgana from several past exhibits. I found some of that art very wistful and elegant. Gallery 2 has an exhibit called “Phantasmagoria.” This gallery presentation is very different and  contains pieces that are described as an ”optical illusion produced by a magic lantern of the like in which figures increase or diminish in size, pass into each other, dissolve.” There, you will find pieces by Morgana and Kato Salyut. Gallery 3 houses an exhibit called “What a Wonderful World” and contains beautiful landscapes of second life by Morgana. There are beautiful plays of color and light in the photographs.  Morgana says that this gallery will remain essentially the same. 

Gallery 1 will always host a duet of artists and will change often. Morgana wanted those artists to have their showing without all the hoopla of the opening days so an exhibit featuring the art of  Maloe Vansant and Burk Bode called 'The Weirdo and I’ will be opening soon. Gallery 2 will have an exhibit of works by 22 artists based on the songs of Leonard Cohen beginning on January 17. You will enjoy all three galleries and they are within walking distance set with a lovely courtyard in the center. 

I met the builder of all the galleries, Zandy Oh, at the party and she is to be complimented on her work.  Morgana also has her studio there where she has portraits for clients that are special order. You will enjoy visiting the galleries and viewing the entire exhibit as it is now, but also hang on to the landmark. There will be so much more to see.When you go look for gifts in each building, or in the courtyard.  

Enter here and enjoy!

Gemma Cleanslate

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