Friday, May 25, 2012

Reader Submitted: Vitabela Dubrovna Celebrating Four Years in Second Life

Fashion Designer Vitabela Dubrovna will on 17th July 2012 be celebrating four years as an SL Designer and yesterday (May 17th) saw the release of a stunning new Hollywood Glamour style ball gown which you can view here exclusively for this first time:

Image courtesy of The Best Of SL

This brand new design shows just how far she’s come and how she’s moved on as both a designer and an artist within the realm of Second Life. In the four years she’s been with SL she’s built up a large following mostly due to the strength of her design skills and the fact that her work is timeless, yet still very modern. Her boutique “Vita’s Boudoir”, set up when she joined in 2008 features an array of fashions and accessories – and one thing is clear; her ideology is all about glamour, sexuality and high femininity.

It’s all here among Vitabela’s collection from the beautiful, bold burlesque through to seductive lacy dresses with intricate detailing and clever contrasting. She even caters for those amongst you who wish to have ultra fluttery, floaty eyelashes or flowing hair extensions in her accessory boudoir. Her hair extensions mirror her notions about fashion, creating a “wild” unkempt look, which matches really well with the lace on her clothes and also provides a wonderful background to the severity of her catsuits and jumpsuits. This is serious Catwalk style fashion for SL.

Vitabela’s Ethos and Ideas
This really isn’t fashion for the faint hearted; throughout her career in SL Vitabela’s designs have proved that she’s all about the sex kitten within. Crisp, neat lines are, for the most part, out in favour of layers of gauzy lace, feathers and leather, often forming elaborate headdresses and accessories. Monochrome pieces play out in stark contrast to flashes of vibrant primary colours and delicate designs such as her Rose’s Thorn bikini/fascinator combination:

 The Rose's Thorn
Image courtesy of Second Life Marketplace

Her clothes always seem to have an element of the theatrical about them – a contrast to other SL Fashion designers such as the house of Modavia, which cater strongly for the “everyday” wearer, with contemporary designs and muted colours in slouchy styles. Vitabela’s love of burlesque is clear to see, particularly in her catsuits and jumpsuits which (as she says herself) show off more than they cover up, not for the more conservative amongst you! Though for anyone wanting to branch out and try something completely different, her work might be just the thing to tempt you into a new area of experimentation.
Her fashion can also be viewed as high art, with the emphasis on intricate detailing and solid patterning which represents nature and wildlife and an intrinsically animalistic feeling. Her piece “Uprooted” is a good example of this, with neutral shades of burnt umbers and delicate browns used to create an “earthy” feeling. You can see that piece here (image Not Safe For Work).

One of her most daring recent artistic creations is without doubt “Ride” which you can view on her own blog here. (suggestive image) A highly sexy, polished and severe look which lies in contrast some of her lacier, floatier designs yet still exudes sexiness and glamour to the maximum. There are elements of her previous works in there, with subtle touches of leather and a loose fitting neck tie, there’s a strong feel of Art Deco to it as well, as while it retains an eminent femininity, there is an inherent sense of the masculine there – strong lines, nipped in waist, the neck tie and jacket.

Not All About Fashion Now!
Vitabela has now also diversified and has her own “Home And Garden” section, which can also be found in her “Vita’s Boudoir” shop. Again, the emphasis with a strong bent on high art; she uses muted colours contrasted with bright splashes of vivid greens to create landscaping trends that are really different, very up to the minute and on trend yet classic and able to mix with a variety of other styles. Her “White Winter Tree”, a beautifully stark and impressive garden design (which is the sort of thing that provides a beautiful backdrop for photos) sits delightfully juxtaposed with her “Spring Grass” collection – a wonderfully bright, floral work which is uplifting and inspiring, yet also similarly impressive for photographic work.
Here’s to another exceptional four years of outstanding fashion and inspirational design from one of SL’s most competent and highly sought after fashionistas, Vitabela Dubrovna.

By "Imogen" (Elizabeth Heartland)
Elizabeth Heartland is a freelance writer from England who writes primarily for technology and gaming blogs as well as an SEO company. Virtual worlds intrigue her particularly and the amazing fashion 'industry' that is developing online is surely a sign of things to come.

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  1. Such a shame the dress in the top picture (hollywood glam) is let down by the awful alpha rendering clashes on the flexis of the skirt parts – for 600L$ you’d be forgiven for expecting something better. Having bought it I can say first hand its not one I would recommend to anybody