Friday, January 20, 2012

Timber Wilds

Recently I was people-watching in Caledon Oxbridge when a couple of wolf avatars I hadn't seen before crossed my path. Asking them where they got their avatars, I was pointed to a place called Timber Wilds.

Timber Wilds is a very nicely done wilderness sim that's perfect for a quick getaway from the madness and insanity of regular SL life. There's a lot to explore, a lot of little nooks and crannies to hide in and wander about, and there's what appears to be a club at one end of the sim.

The avatar itself that was being sold is a wolf (they also have foxes) by Timber Wilds Industries. It's very very well done; had a bit of a "scruffy" look to it. It's about the size of a large dog; not as big as the Werehouse Dire Wolf but not so small as to be mistaken for a puppy or a chibi version of it. The HUD comes with recoloring options for every part of the body (except for the eyes, recolorable eyes have to be purchased separately, but are very cheap) as well as several options for gestures, like sitting and wagging your tail.

Timber Wilds (based in the sim Silent Hills, no relation to the video game) also has a sister sim, Whispering Wilds. This is an RP sim for ferals, and after wandering past the Timber Wilds vendors, saw that there was a sign advertising a trio of wolfpacks, perfect for RP opportunities. Further investigation revealed that the packs mentioned on the sign have been for the most part "inert"; from what I understand the leaders of the RPs got up and left and most of the groups followed suit. Now, Whispering Wilds is home to -some- RP, but my impression was that the RP is "here and there" --- no real main "quest line" or story line is ongoing at the moment.

Rabid Ghost, one of the admins of the sims, had this to say: "Timber Wilds is a public, feral animal roleplaying sim geared towards natural interaction between creatures in the dense forestlands that give the place its name. Also home to Timber Wilds Industries, offering high quality animated & expressive quadruped animal avatars and accessories, geared toward roleplaying and detailed character customization. Free demo avatars are available, as well as two full regions of beautiful scenery to explore with both In Character-enforced roleplay and casual OOC hangout areas."

One interesting thing I saw was that in their sim rules, the Werehouse Dire animal avatars seem to be marked as forbidden in the sim. This I learned was because of a lot of "god moding" while wearing them --- more the result of bad RP by players instead of bad blood between avatar makers, and the wolf avatars of Timber Wilds -do- look a lot like the Werehouse ones.

Both sims, especially Whispering Wilds (In-Character only) are beautifully done and give a good place to relax from running about in SL buying clothes, playing dress-up, or building things in the sandboxes. I'm definitely keeping an alt in the area on occasion; it gets Four Dragon Hoards out of Five, if only because the wolf avatar is a bit more pricey than I would of liked (2000 $L).

Xymbers Slade

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