Friday, January 27, 2012

Petite Gallerie

Since I was out of town I missed the grand opening of the new gallery which is owned by my friend Mistyowl Warhol (MistyowlDesigns). I went over to Tintefal to Misty’s Haven to see the new gallery. Misty says “I met two gentlemen on Second life, each a "photographer" in SL. Both photographed women and displayed females but in a positive way, showing the beauty of women and their strength. It was refreshing to see their concepts and something I wanted to promote. This is how the idea for a small gallery was born.”

There are three photographers showing at this time with more to come ” Later she plans to have some more of her photos, both SL and real-life exhibited and for sale in the gallery. In real life, she is known for her photographs of the famous Route 66 in the USA and the people she has found there. Mistyowl has some of her own photographs called “Framed Thoughts.” She says she takes her ideas and creates them into scenes for photos.

One of the other artists showing works there is Herman Bergson, whom you know as the philosophy Professor. Herman enjoys taking pictures of women in SL and then creates photographs that tell a story without words.
He says, philosophically of his photographs,what meanings, hidden and obvious can be found in the details of his works and how much is he the observer of beauty or a part of the act.

Pazzo Pestana, the third photographer has a twist to his art pieces. Pazzo takes classic well known paintings, recreates the pose so he could take photos of the essence of the beauty of Second Life women and superimpose them into the paintings. Go take a look at his "The Birth of Venus" and his interpretation of many others you will recognize.

I am waiting to see how Mistyowl’s gallery grows as more artists pieces are added.You will also see some award winning sculptures from Thane Woodford, of Raven’s Heart. You can view the works and join the subscribe-o-matic group if you wish to watch the progress with me at this location.

Gemma Cleanslate

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