Friday, August 5, 2022

"The Mortal Coil"

 By Gemma Cleanslate

“Coming to you once a quarter, Spark Project is a new festival built on a curated idea celebrating music, art and fashion.” The grand opening is Saturday August 6 with music provided from 10:00 am SL time and it will run through midnight August 7 by many DJs .

When I did the article on The Pond I did not know the creator rαvєn вαnríσn кrαу (RavenStarr Resident) was already deep into a brand new installation with a team. The venue is at Spark. I was lucky enough to visit and explore this magnificent build. My first view was at the entrance where you will find all the helpful hints for your enjoyment.

The concept of the build is found in the 1998 film What Dreams May Come. It is called This Mortal Coil ,and you are invited to “Come with us on a journey between light and dark, life and afterlife, existence and oblivion.” All aspects, the bliss and the agony, are visible as you traverse the regions. There is help to teleport but I walked most of the paths.

Knowing the movie helps make sense of all the quotes and all the venues found across the two regions. One can certainly enjoy it all just from the beauty of the scenery. Actually I went through and did just that. But then I went on line and found the film and it all made more perfect sense.

The Mortal Coil will be here until mid September so you can take your time and hang out. As you travel take note of the messages along the way.

The team working with Raven Banrion Kray includes Drew Lukas , Torri Torricelli and Gege Feducci , who is coordinating the music. There is a facebook page for more information and a website in the works . You are invited to join the group Spark to keep up with the events planned in the future. Raven is already thinking about next quarter’s creation. I am looking forward to this weekend’s parties in the gorgeous amphitheater. Here is your ride to your journey.

Gemma Cleanslate

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