Wednesday, August 23, 2017

A Steamy Mystery at Terradale

By Gemma Cleanslate

I always look forward to the opening of new LEA regions granted to the artists for a period of time. It is fun to go through them all. I do not write about each one, but choose the ones that really take my attention and keep it. This interesting region really grabbed my attention. It is not one of the sparkly artistic creations, but contains a story.

The tone is set as soon as you land in the sim. It is a town that is reminiscent of the old English coastal, or perhaps, New England towns. It has the appearance of a mill town, with homes and factories intermingled and the ocean with its light house in view of all. When you land you will be greeted.

There is an odd piece of pipe equipment looking much like a humanoid type sitting around all over town that contains the story of Sarah.  Be sure to look for him where ever you go. Sarah is missing. I turned from the welcome sign and entered the building across the way. It was an artist studio with workings on the wall incomplete for the most part. I entered the second room where I found a message giver I came to know as Perry Piper. He uttered the words of Sean, “ My Sarah --She was everything to me. My muse, my friend, my partner, my lover. We were one......”

I turned and left and went to the town square and began my search. There I found missing posters plastered to the Town Monument. 

There is so much to be seen in each of  the buildings and so much to learn about Sarah’s life as you move through the town.  People who knew her tell the story to you and with each fragment you build a vision of her in your mind. At least I did. I realized that all is not as it seems, and I kept hoping I would find that she had flown the coop and headed to other lands looking for a more interesting life. But that was not to be. To those who knew her Sarah lived a quiet life, enjoying her horse rides and gazing out at the ocean. 

Chic Aeon has created this region and the story hidden within it. His houses are decorated with so many fascinating items to inspect. I thoroughly enjoyed each of them.Each home adds a little to the story.  The commercial buildings are littered with interesting pieces too, including some games to try.bring a friend along with you . There are hot air balloons in the air and I hoped to catch a ride. But no. 

At the end you will know the whole story of Sarah and where she has gone. I was sorry to find the final answer but thoroughly enjoyed the experience of tracking her movements and learning of her. I am not sure whether we would have liked each other if we did meet.

The Town will be there until January . Put it on your bucket list.

Gemma Cleanslate

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