Friday, August 12, 2016

Treasure Quest

By MajikVixen (bluevioletvixen.lorefield)

“Avast Ye Matey, If Ye Be Looking For Treasure, 'Tis Here...!”

Treasure Quest is another relatively new game within Second Life that is pretty fun to play and generates traffic for Land Owners. StormyDaze15 and Chris (chrs1969) developed the game in hopes of improving other coin hunting games out there.  I would say from the abundance of happy chatter going on in the group, that it's definitely the best generation of these types of games.  Players are also free to talk about any game they want in group chat, Stormy and Chris do not fear that threatening TQ.  Players have talked about a multitude of things, from the game itself, to everyday things like pizza, and Dr. Phil.  Players love to chat because it gives them something to do while waiting for a TQ item.

There are free HUDs for both Players and Land Owners (listed as the 2nd link in the Additional Information, URLs section of this article).  Tax is only 10% (which one only pays once, not on every item).

One simply adds the Players HUD and then can search for Coins, Gems, or Mystery Prizes worth L$ or things.  There are buttons on the HUD to check your balance, go to Headquarters (there are items there and an ATM; once you have L$1 you can withdraw with your group tag), go to the website, or find lands to hunt on.  I clicked a few coins at various places and got myself a pretty penny!  It's easy, you just stand within 10 meters of an item, click them, the time counts down in the floating text, then you type in an answer to the simple math question in the blue box that pops up (probably to prove you're not a bot), and your score is presented in nearby chat.

The values of each item have also been listed on their website (listed as the first link in the Additional Information, URLs section of this article), ranging from L$.01 - L$10.  However something new has happened with Mega Coins (also listed on their website)... these are valued at L$25, L$50, L$100, L$200, and L$250.  For example, the L$25 one is worth a 45 minute wait (the more the value, the longer the wait). 

Additionally, anyone can ask for a special Mega Coin to be designed (you can even pick the value), and Stormy and Chris will make them for free.  During the weekend, I asked them to make a Mega Coin with a heart that has bat wings, inspired by my ^v^/<|;) (Bats Out Of Hats) store, and they did!  After some short testing, the Gothic Heart coin was released on 08AUG16 and is valued at L$25.  Players are only allowed one Mega Coin per day, per avatar, per land, but it really pays off!

As a Land Owner, funding is easy, you just rez the Treasure Quest Funds Vendor, fund it, and then you can take it back into your inventory.  Land Owners can rez as many TQ items as they want (TQ is low prim friendly, for example, each Coin is only 1 prim), and once a Mega Coin is rezzed, it goes to sleep (becomes invisible) so a hunter can't follow you to collect them.  As long as you have the Treasure Quest Land Anchor, the Land Owner HUD will tell you what you need to rez to have a Dash at your place.  A player does have to follow the Terms of Service, also listed on their website, but this is to make playing fair for everyone. 

TQ also chose not to do ranks, to keep the game more enjoyable and not stressful.  However, the items one has collected are displayed in nearby chat, and they do have a weekly contest that is like a bonus to playing the game.

Although group chat announces when an item is hidden or found, Treasure Quest players typically never know what awesomeness they may find.  Truly there is no other game out there like this.  ...So get out your Geiger counters and find those worthwhile items just itching for their new owners!

Additional Information:
Marketplace URL: (here)    
Groups: Treasure Quest Friends (Group Key: 584874bb-49db-b18c-a324-44472a5c2aba)
    Treasure Quest Owners (Group Key: 03efac2d-2832-7d8b-5f76-5c004fb79096)
Preferred contacts:
    Chris (chrs1969)



  1. In order to play this game you must have their group to withdraw from the ATM machine. They don't give out invites to the group and tend to ban anyone that ask to withdraw their earnings.

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    2. Just showed this article to someone and noticed the comment... Having a game's group to withdraw is normal. The group is exclusive so nobody has to worry about things like drama, etc. Bans can happen in any group, but some helpful advice is to just be polite... and make sure to thank Land Owners for the coins you get in the TQ group, should be ok! :)

      (bah, had to edit last sentence and then make sure I was replying, that's why I deleted other comments, LOL & facepalm)

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