Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Hope Gardens 2016 Photography Exhibition

By Gemma Cleanslate

Melodie Jigsaw greeted the visitors to the Hope Gardens “Hope 2016 Relay for Life Photography Exhibition”. This touching exhibit will be open to the public for the entire Relay and I urge you to visit. Each part of the exhibit is dedicated to the story of courage of survivors and caregivers. The building itself is a modern design and the d├ęcor is lovely and inviting. The area was donated for the length of the exhibit by Dian4ma Shen, known as Delight and Royce Zeplin. The courtyard is delightful and relaxing. While I wandered through the gallery there was a party going on with dancing just outside the building with music provided by Gem Sunkiller that wafted through the area.

The next morning  I met Delight at the door and she showed me her portrait and next to it the notecard giver plaque that has her personal story of being a survivor and her long road to finding it easy to embrace. She pointed out that on the wall next to each of the exhibits there is a plaque that shows the name of the SL photographers who did the portraits. Polly Elan was her photographer and the piece is exquisite. She stood by her portrait garbed in the elegant gown that she wore for the portrait. Her story is inspiring and gives any survivor a lift.

As I walked through looking at the wonderful photos and reading the stories written by all the participants I was so touched. Being either a survivor or a caretaker one becomes so involved in the illness it is like being in one big family. The feelings of all touch the others and draw them together. In between the exhibits there are words of encouragement on the walls. There is a video of the whole exhibit that you can look at and it is a wonderful overview.  

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(Click here if the video fails to load)

As you go through the entrance look to your left. There is a photograph there that to me embodies  the meaning of all of the Relay for Life participants. We are all pushing the world up the hill all the way.

Gemma Cleanslate 
 * * * * *

Bixyl Shuftan was also invited over to the exhibition to speak with two of the people involved. His article can he found Here.

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