Friday, March 25, 2016

Funky Junk

By Gemma Cleanslate
Recycling is great. However, have you considered what it might be like if it were overdone? I really had not thought about it until I visited LEA22 When I landed I thought I was in a hobo land, or perhaps a dump. The winding rickety wooden path leads to many areas that are so indicative of what could happen, perhaps in the distant future when all our recyclables take our place in the universe. Wow! As a blogger I saw my replacement! That was scary. Not me as a person or an avatar but as a canned creation.

At the orchard I saw that rolls of toilet paper and books have taken the place of leaves on the trees. I stopped off at the medical center to check out the help in case I fell off the walkway and to be honest I was not thrilled with the help there. I love computers and their capabilities but wonder if they can put on a bandage!
 I worried about the water there which was sucking all the boats into a whirlpool! School was not fun either! The teacher, known as a funkyjunkian did not look as if he, or she, it had any compassion for humans, and the students, well. You will come across other funkyjunkians as you traverse the sites.  
The creative thinking that went into creating this sim was fantastic. The thought into the possibilities of overdoing a good thing is really something to explore in real life and in Second Life.  I wonder how someone could come up with this concept and all the work that went into it. There is so much to see and explore that I cannot do it justice. Just go have fun, but be careful where you walk!
There is an archeological dig going on at “junkpeii” for the former inhabitants of the region. You will see it. Here is the entrance. Have fun!  
Gemma Cleanslate

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