Friday, July 3, 2015

HuMaNoiD Resurrection

By Gemma Cleanslate
There once was a region that was owned by Dirk Talamesca. Dirk passed away in March of 2014 and the sim was closed . It was a loss not only of the sim. Wendy Xeno had placed her popular installation, HuMaNoiDs, there. Now she has resurrected many of the sim artifacts and scenes in Lea6 that will be open until the end of July.
I have memories of going through the doors and experiencing the fun in the old sim and was happy to see the doors when I arrived. Each door is a transport to a scene but I love the ground level as much as going through the doors so I enjoyed those areas first. I sat and played the cello by the doors and then wandered around the tiny isles .I saw some new additions and missed some that were there before but the Owl was there sitting on his log and next to him the Great Blue Heron. I took a ride on the swing, and climbed into the boat to relax . It was poignant to recall my last visit to HuMaNoiD with my partner. 
Many memories flooded my mind as I wandered. There were empty picture frames leaning against several art pieces on one isle.I wonder of those empty frames would hold photos of rhe parts that are gone.  On another I found a camp with a fire and comfortable lounges . A quaint camping tent with vases and relaxing pillows graced the next isle. The trees and foliage look almost ethereal in the foggy light. The waters between the islands glistened and rippled as I crossed them. Huge surreal insects with gossamer wings stood on long legs in the waters and I sat on one to become part of it.  There were many others visiting while I was there . Etched in the waters by the doors there is the saying “We never touch anyone so lightly that we do not leave a trace.” More memories ....
I opened the doors one by one and visited the scenes on the other side. Each venue is delightful. I will let you see for yourself.   I recommend visiting with a friend or your honey to take part in the interactive  parts of the installation , on the ground and in the lovely scenes. It was a pleasure to revisit HuMaNoiD and I thanks Wendy Xeno for resurrecting it for all or us to experience once again and for those who never has the pleasure before. I will go back to see the lovely sights and experience it once again.  
Here is the entrance near the doors.
Gemma Cleanslate 

*Edited July 4*

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