Monday, August 4, 2014

Hoverboard Wars

By Wesley Regenbogen

Hoverboard Wars is a Second Life game where you need to ride with a hoverboard and try to get over the many ramps and shoot the opponents and try to eliminate them as soon as you can.
At the startpoint, you must first right-click on the hoverboard that is in front of you and select “Ride.” Then your avatar will glide down the mountain and the game starts. Navigation is done with the standard keys W, A,S,D, but also the good old arrow keys are usable to navigate throughout the game.

The object is to navigate with your hoverboard over the ramps and bridges and other blue structures on the sim. When hit by another opponent, you loose hit points ( HP ) and need to find health repairing objects to make yourself healthy again. This is easier said than done, because it’s sometimes not easy to get on the ramps using the arrow keys. Nevertheless, you can try to make the best out of your game and try to shoot your other players as much as possible.
When your health points reach the zero level, you are teleported back to the beginning point of the game and can start over. If you decide to give up the game, just click the hoverboard itself and you will give forfeit. Giving forfeit is not the best option, though, so try to go further as much as possible. So, it’s your skill, ability and keeping your momentum to keep your avatar on your hoverboard.

It’s fun and exciting to see your avatar floating over the water and getting enough momentum to get over the ramps. The competitive gameplay allows you to avoid getting hit by the other opponents and trying to stay alive at all costs. You can also perform some cool moves while you are in air. Avoiding getting hit, is one of the trickiest things to do, because your opponents will follow you at all times.
There's a spot on the sim where it looks like one cat is teaching other cats how to play the game. But no kitties went after me.
You can find this Hoverboard Wars at this location : Hoverpark (240, 239, 37)

Enjoy your ride at Hoverboard Wars and maybe we can challenge each other one day.
Wesley Regenbogen

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