Friday, May 16, 2014

Attack on Titan at Grenadine

By Theonlyjohnny

While an Attack on Titan sim was already written about, a while back, this sim is much different, and deserves its own article. While the other sim, Edelweiss, is very well built, and is based off one of the cities of Attack on Titan, Grenadine is much more than that.

Yes, the city on this sim is much smaller than Edelweiss, I feel it is much better. Rather than having just a bunch of blocks, textured to look like buildings, without an interior, Grenadine's Wall Avarice is filled with actual buildings. There are a few houses, that people can rent, a library, an infirmary, a market, even an MP castle, and a fort.

However, it doesn't just stop there. There are other areas too, including Caravan trail, Travel route, Training grounds, and even more areas, used for roleplay.

When you first show up to the sim, you will be in a little area called the Recruitment Center. Getting started is really easy, and quick too. If you want to join the military, you can get your gear from the wall, that has the big poster of the gear, with the two machines in front of it. To sign up for either civilian, or military, simply go to the top of the steps, and click on the one you wish to join. Then fill out the app, and send it in. It's quick because they usually accept you within about 24 hours.

If you chose to be a civilian, and were accepted, go to the teleporter, by the door at the top of the steps, and go to the Wall Avarice. If you chose military, then go to the training camp.

In the training camp, you will find a few buildings, a large tower, two red circles, an area with a bunch of titan dummies, a lantern course, and a 3DMG trainer. Each of these is important, for you.

In the military, you always start as a trainee. You must finish your training in order to earn the rank of private. After your training is over, you will earn the right to choose which branch you proceed to. There are three branches, but most cadets, upon graduation, only get to choose between two of these. The two that everyone gets to choose from, are Garrison, and Scouts. If your grades are good enough, you may get the choice of joining Military Police.

Back to the training grounds now. In order to graduate, you must pass nine phases. and your final test. The first phase is very simple, and very basic. You must use the 3DMG trainer, and succeed. Once you've succeeded, you must then go to phase two, which is putting together your 3DMG (don't worry you just rp it out), and learning to use boosts, and zips. Once you've finished that, it's time for phase three, learning how to kill a titan. You must go to the titan pit, and kill as many titan dummies as you can, without dying, in three minutes. If you die in phase three, your score is reduced by five.

After you've completed phase three, phase four takes you to the lantern course. You must touch all the lanterns, before time runs out, and you can only use boosts, no zips. If you wish for a challenge, my time is 18 seconds, why not go and try to get a better time? Then, it's time for phase five, "The Tower of Death." You must use thrusters and zips to propel yourself around the tower, five times. Phase six is seriously the easiest phase there is. It's simply a physical, of sorts. Then once you've gotten that far, phase seven really pushes you. You must kill 200+ dummies, within a week. After you've done that, it's time for good old phase eight, hand-to-hand combat. You must get into a fighting ring, and perform hand to hand combat with an opponent (don't worry, you simply rp this out, using a roller).

Then it's time for the final phase. Phase nine is a class about titans, and everything people know about them. Finish this, and you get to go to your final. For your final, you must put everything you've learned, to the test. You must kill a titan (don't worry, you will be taught all about that in phase nine). Of course, you don't really need to do these in order. I mean look at me, I did phase eight before any of the other phases, and I passed with flying colors.

Don't get scared though, I mean my character is a 4 ft 6 in tall, 13 year old cadet. You have nothing to be scared about. Well, unless your instructor loses his mind (trust me, it happens).

All in all, this sim really is an awesome sim, as it uses somewhat of the same training methods as the show/manga. If you love Attack on Titan, you want to know what it is, then come to this sim, and have an awesome time.


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