Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Neo Machina Gallery

By Gemma Cleanslate

 I was happy  to be invited to the Opening to Neo Machina Gallery in Alterego on Saturday afternoon. I have not been to many galleries lately... too busy.Three of my friends have exhibits there among the sixteen exhibitors.The opening was well attended and the DJ Mikel Shilov provided music that enhanced the mood at the opening party.  The Gallery is owned and curated by Sarrah Docherty and cocurator is  Cenedra (cenedra.ashbourne), who is also showing her fairy like images as part of the  exhibit. The exhibitors will be  resident artists. However Cenedra told me, “we plan to make special themed exhibitons , plan on guest artists , so that there are not always the same pics the entire time.” There are several brand new artists on exhibit which is always nice to see. 

I asked Sarrah why she opened the gallery. Her response was, ”Really it's the rebirth of another Gallery that closed last year due to several issues, this time I'm running it all in-house so to say, Its main goal has always been to respect all SL artists and move away from judging one style, genre or skill level to be "better" than the other, and just focus on the creative process and having a good mixture.”  And the collection is very eclectic.There are Photography artists, Sculpt artists, and a story artist. Each artist has a notecard to pick up by their area.  I spoke wih Evola Courtois , another friend and fishing buddy, who has exhibited a few times before and is happy to be a resident artist here. I saw three exquisite pieces  by my friend, Neeks Karu, who does wonderful sculpts that are alive. I enjoyed both floors of stunning photography, sculpts and reading the story art by Alanna Oh. 

I suggest you put this on your list of new galleries and do not miss it! Enter here and work your way around and down and  you take the elevaor to the ground floor and outside  I recommend you have an umbrella handy .

Gemma Cleanslate

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