Monday, May 27, 2013

"Love and Other Bruises" at Palais Orleans

By Gemma Cleanslate

There is a wonderful new exhibit over at Palais Orleans Gallery Complex in Gallery 2 that I was able to preview. The grand opening was on Saturday, May 25 at 6:00 PM SL time and I was not able to attend. It is called "Love and Other Bruises" and has exhibits of twenty SL artists on display.

There is a wonderful description of the intent of the pieces at the top of the stairs: “They say that love makes the world go round..and sometimes ‘love’ comes with lies... deceit .. selfishness.. indifference.. jealousy.. betrayal .. infidelity ..Love gone bad if you will." The pieces demonstrate all these aspects of "love." Each portrays those feelings in an individual who discovers one of these hurts. They are haunting and will probably remind each of us of a past time in our own lives.  
You will find  the artists pictures also displayed on the entrance wall with a biography card you will get by touching the picture. One of the artists, Maloe Vansant, to me summed it up in her card which says, “Hearts are breakable."  "And I think even when you heal, you're never what you were before."

As you know there are three galleries at Palais Orleans. So make your way over to Gallery 1, to view the lovely pieces of “Aspects of Solitude.“  Artists Amona Savira and Harbor Galaxy are displaying moments of “solitude ..the good and bad of it. They are beautiful. Harbor says, “For this show 'Aspects of Solitude,' I tried to focus on those early morning hours when sleep escapes us and the mind wanders, reviewing the decisions that define our waking life. My hope is that it resonates with you.”
I think you will enjoy both exhibits so don’t miss them.  Gallery 1 exhibit  will continue until June 16 and Gallery 2 exhibit will remain in place until July 21. Gallery 3 is an ongoing exhibit of the lovely works of the Gallery Orleans owner, Morgana Nagorski, who finds all the amazing artists invited to display here. It is amazing to see the work that sl artists are doing.  All exhibits are sponsored by Limipro Lighting. Here is the entry in the Gallery courtyard.  
Gardenia Islands (105, 62, 2501)

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