Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Designing Worlds Leaves Northpoint

The unique DRUM troupe performed before an emotional crowd of Designing Worlds’ staff and followers on Saturday, Sept. 3 at 2PM SL. The gathering was a celebration of one of treet.tv's most popular SL television shows moving their studios to a new location after three years at Northpoint. Designing Worlds is a show about designers and builders in virtual world.

Among the celebrants were Elrik Merlin, Saffia Widdershins, co-hosts of Designing Worlds, Texas Timtam, treet.tv management and Angie Mornington, executive producer at treet.tv. They shared memories and texted how much they were going to miss the place. SL productions are a labor of love and that was clearly evident in the remarks voiced in the crowd.

But this isn't the end. It's a new beginning. The team has to do things a bit differently but will carry on doing what they do best: entertaining, education and having fun at the same time.

While DRUM was still performing, I interviewed Elrik to learn about Designing Worlds’ future. I'd attended a session during SL8's birthday party and admired the show and Elrik's hosting abilities.

"Well, the sim goes tomorrow (Sept. 4)," he explained. "The new season starts Sept. 19, all being well. We have our own production team now and we supply the show complete to Treet. They will basically handle the broadcasting and distribution, so we are now an independent production company essentially and we provide a program to network."

Elrik said the shows will go out on the Treet network at 2PM SLT on Mondays, as before, and they will have viewing parties at the new headquarters. The shows just won't be live.

"The fact it isn't live means that the audience will not have to wait around while we fix a problem or deal with something unexpected," he said. "The more difficult bit is that I have to edit up the show and prepare the master for Treet."

But, no problem. Elrik says he's pretty quick at editing. All the shows will continue to do their own production, which he says several were already doing. He added that Treet will be able to develop other aspects of the distribution and archiving system, which they were eager to do for a long time.

Designing Worlds has a production team of 2-3 camera staff per show. Elrik's camera work will cover the interview aspects and provide him with a continuous bed for each scene that he can drop the other camera work on top of.

Dressed in an elegant violet gown, Saffia Widdershins danced throughout the program.

She told me that they were celebrating Northpoint and the great time they've had here and to pay tribute to the builders.

"A lot of people helped to make Northpoint special for us," said Saffia. "Jeremy Ryan
built the studio; Dellybean North did the cafe and the seating and Anhayla Lycia did the landscaping. There were different builds at different times. For example, there was the
Fab Fashion show and the Tonight Live studio."

Saffia said they are planning on having a new studio, which will be discussed later. There should be a sneak preview for the opening show on Sept. 19.

At 4 PM SL, Funkyfreddy Republic took the stage entertaining all with his unique style.

Netera Landar

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