Friday, March 4, 2011

5th Avenue Fashion at Wetherby’s

Every day I look forward to a visit to 5th Avenue. It is a delightful sim with numerous stores to visit . Of course my favorite place is Wetherby’s . The clothing stock in this store will keep you outfitted for an entire year! There are gowns , baby doll outfits , slim dresses in all lengths, short skirt outfits and business clothing. Most have shoes to match in several styles and jewelry created to go with each outfit. The prices are marvelous when you compare them to other designers and the owner, Mrs. Wetherby, is constantly searching for textures that will enrich the dresses.

I will tell you a secret. To each member of the Wetherby group she gives a free outfit every day ! She also places shoes and jewelry at a ridiculous price of about 20L to match. Not only that, contrary to most creators she loves us to pick up a second free outfit that day to pass along to someone as a gift. She dotes on her “lovelies, my dears“ as she calls us and is always ready to help with any problem. If she is not around there is usually a staff member who can assist. There are three floors of outfits. The third floor is a sale room where the prices are marked down from the already low original price. She did not forget the men and has some great shirts and ties and other outfits on the second floor where you will also find a lingerie section. If you know someone who needs it there is a maternity shop too. See why I love it?? Visit and join the group.

Before you leave take a walk around the sim to see the other shops with wonderful offerings and MM boards , and perhaps you will find a freebie here and there and many Midnight Mania boards to slap. To get there take this ride:

Gemma Cleanslate

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