Tuesday, June 22, 2021

"The Mouse," The SL18B Gift Car

By Bixyl Shuftan

There's a number of freebies being offered at the SL18B, between the gift shop at the SLB sims and the free items at the Shop and Hop. One item I've heard in SL group chatter a few times is a little yellow car that's been described as cute, "The Mouse." In a Flicker page shown to me, there was a picture, a description, and a SURL.

777 Motors' Gift for Second Life's 18th Birthday!
🐭 MOUSE Car - Fully scripted and super cute! ❤
You can get them here for completely free:

The vehicle is available at the "Shop and Hop" area in the Poppy sim at (152/30/53). Heading there, the 777 Motors shop,  there's an example of the car, and a picture. This little two-door car would be considered a "subcompact" in real-life, and would be a poor fit for taller and larger avatars. Besides it's size, it has a couple round ears on top, and a tail on the back bumper, making it look even more mouselike.

Clicking on the picture gets you the car in your inventory, listed as "[777] Mouse-lite [SL18B Gift]". It comes already unboxed and can be rezzed on your land or places that will allow it, such as rezz zones on Bellisseria. The two doors are openable, as is the trunk. It has a detailed dashboard, with steering wheel, gas and break pedals, a speedometer, a radio (nonfuctional), etc. To ride it, right-click on it and select "ride." Clicking on the back will bring up options, such as shifting the gear up or down, honking the horn, pulling the parking break, and others.

Taking it for a drive in my home area, the main road of the Sunweaver community, I didn't find it too difficult in first gear, though I had to slow down when making 90 turns. I then decided to give it another test: the streets of Bellisseria. I found a car rezz area at Red Hook (112/178/32), and took it for a spin. It handled fairly well, though on the arch bridges that rose up in the air some, I had to put the car into third gear to make the climb. It handled the sim crossings mostly well. I probably could have gone to the northeast end of Bellisserisa if I had enough time (and my lag wasn't getting worse the longer I was online, car or no car).

I recommend getting the Mouse. It handles well, a smaller avatar won't look undersized behind the wheel, it has a certain charm, and of course one can't argue with the price: completely free. It is unknown if the car will still be available, free or otherwise, after the Shop and Hop ends on July 1.

Hat tip: Prudence (PrudenceAnton Resident)

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. Thank you for letting us know of such a wonderful car. I lover mine!

    1. You're very welcome, and thank you for the picture. :)