Friday, March 23, 2018

Curei's Floating Gallery

By Deaflegacy

I met with Curei at Curei's Floating Gallery. "What inspired you to do the floating gallery?" I asked her. Curei answered, "I thought it would be really refreshing to create something that was very different and was not like the usual gallery, with little pictures hanging on walls."

Curei also said that the meditation place is so beautiful and peaceful.  She wanted the place to be a work of art in itself, even without considering the creative works hanging in the gallery. Curei's Floating Gallery has a wonderful and very original spiral fountain, as well as the strutting peacocks and the little model sail boats in the other pond. There is a hidden mystery object that I have yet to find.

Curei's Floating Gallery is a beautiful place, full of art and many wonderful things.  I have been to the floating gallery at least three times and have enjoyed each visit. I would urge people to go to Curei's Floating Gallery.  It is a good place to experience.

It's not just a good place to be, by the way. It's also a beautiful location, full of nature things like vines.  Everywhere you turn, you will see something from the nature itself.  That's why I definitely recommend Curei's Floating Gallery to people who are interested in visiting the places of nature. Meditation place is not a place to be easily forgotten.  You can go there to relax and meditate.

There are more to the story as well as there are arts at Curei's Floating Gallery.  They are in a spot, where arts are being displayed.  I would suggest you give this place a try. It is truly remarkable. Why don't you give Curei's Floating Gallery a try because it's full of beautiful nature and arts.

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