Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Avatar Review: The KzK "Will o' Drake"

By Foxiethejamie

The Will o' Drake, a kzk exclusive, is an avatar resembling a bug, saytr, and human. It, like all of their avatars, is a furry avatar, but this avi takes it to the next level.

The avatar comes in many colors and each version is cleverly named. For example I bought the black version which is named Dark Matter. But the name isn't what gets people talking. The many factors that came together to make this avatar make it a great one.

Let's start at the head and make our way down shall we? Starting atop the head we have a set of horns and antennae. We then have large ears and a uniquely shaped head. On the face we have large solid eyes and a short, but cute, snout.

Just below the head we have a tuft of fur covering the neck and perhaps providing warmth for the avatar. Just below that on the back we have small shell plating with wings protruding from the openings. The wings are nearly invisible and are doubled up. Just below that we have special markings on the belly of the being.

Then we have a stinger like tail coming out of the back of the creature. Inside this carapace you can easily see a large orb like object inside it, most likely the egg sack or some poison pouch. Just below the tail we have uniquely shaped legs that start out at the thighs and then taper down. The feet of this small creature are small with four claws on each foot.

Now lets take a look at the abilities of this avatar. One of these include the wings actually moving as you fly. Another one is this avatar could be a shining beacon in a very dark place.

Inside the hud you have the classic moving jaw, and changing textures for certain parts. However you can also change the claws on this one from black to white and back. And it even allows you to change the color of the carapaces.

All in all, this avatar is one for the history books. For only 600 L, it's practically a steal. In my opinion this would have to be the best avatar I have ever seen.


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