Monday, November 9, 2015

Garden of Dreams

By BloodyKitty Resident

Welcome everyone to this sim, which is called, "Garden of Dreams" or *GOD* for short. This land is owned by a group of the same name, and is located in the region of, Garden of Dreams, ironically. Now there isn't any specific event or true theme going on but it's simply a place to relax and enjoy the beautiful Fall scenery. Whether your alone or with friends there are special places to sit with and without animations, basically poseballs. My friend basically brought me here so kudos goes to them for showing me this beautiful place. 

From what it seems this sim is a good size and has a good amount to explore if you like taking slow walks along the trails and green grass to find new things you may of seen or may not of. Now while I haven't explored it all, I still recommend it as a hangout place for yourself or even bringing a few friends along who can appreciate scenery and relaxing music. The awesome thing I find is that in the description of the tp you can buy Skyboxes as well as shrubby like shrub, landscape, trees, flowers, and all kinds of architecture in general. While I haven't bought anything from Garden of Dreams due to me not needing it yet I still recommend looking at the items on sale as a gift for yourself or someone else.

Like I said before, this is one beautiful place to go if you want to escape the hassle of annoying people on voice chat, trolls, or even just everyone in general if you are going alone here. Now while I have nothing against people who are on voice chat, I find them to be annoying sometimes and it's very awkward when your typing and their using their mic. Besides all those small problems of my own you should come on down and take some time to lay in the grass!
Garden of Dreams (126/35/91)

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