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Fortaelia Club (2008)

The following was originally published in Second Life Newspaper in February 2008

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The Fortelia Club is a PG-rated club that caters mainly to furred avatars, but everyone is welcome, "We do not engage in so-called 'yiff,' though we are not prudes either. We just want to provide a nice clean fun area for all furries (and humans) to relax in."

Fortunas Sand is the owner of the club, with his partner Caelia Bailey as the lively host. Fortaelia normally has four parties a week, usually with a theme, on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, at 6 or 7 PM SL time. On weekend parties, clothes from the Bare Rose store are given out as prizes. The club can also be the scene of impromptu parties, and it can host parties for those who wish to have them there, if they give advanced warning and not on the day of a regular party, "we have the ability to stream or allow you to stream here. ... If they have their own server, they may use the club for free. If they haven't, we would charge a small price for DJing for them."

To their knowledge, Caelia and Fortunas do not know of any other furry club that advertises itself as having a PG environment, no gratuitous nudity and no swearing. "We get a lot of the Luskwood regulars here." There is also a group Fortelia Club, in which members get notices about events. Those wishing to join should IM Caelia or Fortunas.

Fortaelia is on the western edge of the Imperial Island sim (14, 160, 21).

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One detail that didn't make the advertorial, the skunk flag with the "not allowed" symbol was aimed at one certain stinker that they didn't want around. But they didn't have problems with anyone else I knew. And I ended up getting a few outfits as prizes, as well as a few pictures for cartoons there.

Sadly the club didn't last long. Due to real life troubles, they had to close the club. But when they recovered, they were soon back, but instead of a club they went into the estate business with "Heaven's Sky Garden Village." But after a few months, real life troubles once again interfered, and that closed down. Eventually, they recovered, and would go on to found two stores, Fortunas Creations, and the more widely known "Furry Fashion" under Caelia, now known as Amethyst Crystal. More recently Furry Fashion installed a club called the Furry Fashion Lounge. So Amethyst is in the club business once again.

Bixyl Shuftan

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