Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Fuschia at Crimson

By Gemma Cleanslate
Fuschia Nightfire is a well known award winning machinima artist in sl. She is also a well known artist in real life, Nina Camplin of the UK. She specializes in trompe l’oeil, one of my favorite art forms . She "is interested in challenging the observer's perception of space and creating illusions of faked realities.“  Her work can be viewed on the web and you will find a notecard with all the directions to them.

I was invited to an opening of her new installation at Influence Art Community Sunday. It is delightful and well worth a visit. Be sure to get the folder at the entrance to the gallery which contains directions for media and some goodies to take with you. The media in this exhibit is a mixture of Second Life and real life. Her flashes of color, closeups brightness and subtleties are amazing as they flash across the screens and walls. 
Wolfie Moonshadow is featured in some  of the videos. Wolfie was present at the party and commented, “I have to say this is my most fav video we did Fuschia."  He also appears in his real life person in the particular video as well as his SL avatar. Fuschia said it took a year to convince him to do it.  The artist was performing on top of a TV wearing the media images as were the walls .   It was great fun. 
Be sure to get over there to visit while it is open . There are several interactive ways to join in the media while you are there . Look for the dance on TV and get into it! The first video you will see is the opening party.  This is total immersion! 
The curators of the exhibit are Yvan Slade and Lana Simondsen Eleonara and the designer is MacKena Soothsayer.  
 Many of her videos are on you tube . Take a look:

To get to the gallery  take this entrance
Gemma Cleanslate

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