Monday, May 11, 2015

Body and Soul

By Gemma Cleanslate

I have been trying for weeks to get to a performance of ‘Body and Soul’ on a Sunday afternoon. I finally made it and am so glad I did. It is spectacular! The music and the dancing and the staging are all amazing. The costumes were to die for. This is virtual modern dance. 
Jie Loon is the founder of this dance group in Second Life, “We use virtual technics to elevate a system of dance-art. We don't try to copy real-life techniques. We try to find a social organisation and communication between virtual avs in front – real human beings behind – in an open cooperative way –We are in a dynamic process - and we are coming from all over the world … And there is no business in it – we all together do it for fun … with help of friends – and hope that audience will have fun too.” is the mission of the group as stated on their website which will tell you all about the group and its work. 
The music for each dance guides the dance itself. Alazi (Alazi Sautereau), the announcer greeted us at the beginning of the performance and gave us directions to help us watch each dance comfortably. She told us that ‘Body and Soul’ is the 15th show by “la Performance” since 2007. And then the opening number to the music of Aretha Franklin began. Various dancers performed in each scene to other music as it went on. There were eight different dances performed in this show. It was well received by the audience as applause broke out after each scene and at the end. I enjoyed every bit of it and hope you will too. 
There will be two more presentations on the next Sundays at 2:30 . The website will give you so much information about the group and its history and also the landmark for the next two weeks .
Gemma Cleanslate

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