Friday, December 2, 2016

More Christmas Stores

By Gemma Cleanslate

Here are a few more shopping areas for you and you can check the destination guide for more.
Gnomes and Elves greet you on arrival at Christmas Lane near the Gotchas. Just a sprinkle of snow was falling when I visited. Santa and reindeer were parked in front of a shop ready for you to take him home for a good price. This is another great place for shopping for the home decor, inside and out. Dinner tables all set for you . I saw some wonderful fireplaces all set to put in your home decorated with the stockings ready for Santa to fill.There was a sweet little chapel . I passed  Santa walking his dog .Just waking along the roads and looking at all the goodies is a lot of fun even if you don’t buy anything but I bet you will! I could not resist! I bought a Christmas bench for the front of my home.
Christmas at snuggles was also a lot of fun for roaming and shopping. I was taken with some cute Santa and helper avatars and am thinking about that idea.Along the walkway there are wonderful little poinsettias and Bulbs for sale. They have outdoor, indoor , lighting, cards and so much to look at here and the decor in the sim is lovely. I found some more Christmas cards for sharing too. (these articles can get expensive!) That shop had some absolutely lovely snow globes with music for sale to give to loved ones and friends .That store was packed full with wonderful gifts to share. There is another large shop also just jampacked with decorations for the table and more. This merchant is very creative!  I plan to go back!
One of my favorite shopping places in Second Life  at this season , and has been for 9 years is the Winter Holiday Village. I still have winter outfits from 5 or 6 years ago that I have saved because they are so attractive and comfortable to wear. And I know I will be getting something new.

There is so much going on in the region I will be sending time here for events and for the wonderful skating and visits with Santa. Visiting here is like a vacation in a mountain village and a place to relax and enjoy winter sports and scenery. There will be lots of performers and parties taking place on the ice . Join the group to hear all about it. Pick up a notecard that will help you get around to all the venues.
The owners say,”We also have cross country skiing (free ski's provided), fun horse drawn carriage rides and the Magic of Christmas Shop loaded with all your winter holiday needs at reasonable prices. Santa had begun his live appearances Dec. 1st. Come sit on his lap, have your picture taken on Santa's lap while being entertained by the elves of the North Pole and Mrs. Claus! A free gift for each person who comes to visit with Santa.

Loads of wintertime fun to be had with the largest network of ice ponds on the grid. Free skates available. Skate tours for single skaters and couples.
We also have cross country skiing (free ski's provided), fun horse drawn carriage rides and the Magic of Christmas Shop loaded with all your winter holiday needs at reasonable prices.”
Another shopping  village I found  the Winter Wonderland and Christmas Bazaar in Andarah. If you are looking for an igloo I saw one there. You are invited to shop, skate , takes some rides as on the reindeer carousel or the miniature train . I went skating with the skating snowmen on the iced over pond. In one shop I found a wonderful selection of gift bags that saves wrappmy favorite thing. It is a good area to go through on your shopping travels. Don’t miss the very attractive snowglobes scattered about the snowy area.
That is enough of shopping! I will be visiting the other lovely regions decorated for the winter season , just for walking, sleigh riding , horse back riding , winter sports that are around the grid until Christmas . There are some places that stay yearlong for your winter pleasure . I will note those too. Enjoy your shopping.
Gemma Cleanslate

Monday, November 14, 2016

Burn2: The Temple Burn

By Bixyl Shuftan

Sunday October 23 was the final day of the activities at Burn2, Second Life's largest annual art and music festival. For over a week, this virtual reflection of the real-life Burning Man had been going on. And now it was time for the last of the events there: the Temple Burn.

The Temple Burn is different from the "Burning of The Man" in two ways. One is it's not the signature event of the festival as when "The Man" is burned on the previous day. It's also an event that usually has some solemn moments as before the burning, people put notecards with messages in the Temple censer that are read aloud as the structure is aflame, often messages of real life or Second Life friends and family whom had passed away in the past year.

 But over the course of the year, a number of people with connections with Burn2 had passed away. Among them Ladyslipper Constantine whom was a well known name whom had passed away just weeks before. So she was never far from the minds of many of the Burners as they gathered at the Temple at 12 Noon. The Temple would later be brought back and burned again at 6PM SL time.

"Now we would like all Lamplighters to stand please. Then everyone, please come into the Temple with us. We will stand together inside as it Burns." iSkye Silverweb shouted, "Come in, everyone! Join us in the Burn!"

Toady Nakamura, the builder of the Temple, was among those at the event.

The Temple censer would call out, "In memory of Ludinha Kamachi, member of Burning Life Access and Linguists, White Tiger Mentors, Mental Mentors, Mentor Lounge, Ez SL Mentor, Mentors! and Ajuda SL Brasil groups, who left us last 27 May 2010, after a terrible struggle with a cancer.."

"We will always remember Ladyslipper Constantine. Osprey Therian... Lumiere Noir... wish you were here."

Eventually, it was time to get things started. These images of burning structures in the middle of the structure briefly appeared.

"Ladyslipper - this is for you, remembering your brave, strong, loving heart and all you did for so many of us in Second life! Saffia."

Then the structures vanished. But something was still burning, hidden by the lag.

"Lady Slipper, It was my honor to have knowing you & to work with you all the years. You where a great lasdy & will be missed! RIP my friend!"

And soon the top of the structure was aflame.

"As long as there is still Music, Creativity, and Imagination there is Hope."

"Always remember - it's not who you are, but who you have become. Your decisions shape your future."

Among those watching on the outside were Avariel Falcon and Daniel Voyager, the later whom would write his own story on his Flickr page. "Loving the burn this year." he would say.

 Inside, the fire lit the area around the people where it had been dark.

"Peace and love to all who have come before and for all those who are yet to come.. may be leave it to them all."

 The fire slowly spread downward, the more detailed and decorative parts in the middle catching afire.

"Shady, my Black and Purkle buddy, this Burn is for you. Keep Spinning those tunes and enjoy the Bakkon!"

"This has been a tough burn. We lost a family member, we've said and done hurtful things to each other.  It's my wish for us to listen more and show compassion and understanding to one another.  Please make amends so we can be a family again.  -Pman"

The fire further burned the decorations in the middle.

 "Ananda, I love you and deeply miss you! The angels are lucky to have you. Thank you for your unconditional."

 "Peace and love to all who have come before and for all those who are yet to come.. may be leave it to them all."

 Eventually, the flames on the top of the structure began to die down, leaving only char.

Then the top began to crumble, turning into ash and bits of charred wood.

The fire had soon reached the bottom of the structure, with every remaining part aflame.

 "Huntress, iSkye & Suz, you are the glue that holds this family together.  Often, your hard work goes unnoticed, seems unappreciated or misunderstood. But you truly are loved and appreciated by many.  Your passion truly shines. <3 -Pman"

 "To the entire Burn2 staff: All of your hard work, dedication and sacrifices are appreciated. We're not perfect.  We've had our disagreements and obstacles to overcome. It's been rough, but we made it work. Thank you for all that you do. <3 P-man"

 "Huntress ... you made Second Life deeper ... Talking with you on levels that changed my heart from broken to healing  ... your passion in all you do gave me a Hero. I love you ~Daark"

"Piano ... Thank you for your Friendship, thank you for all the smiles, the cries, the Laughter, OMG your laughter heals me ... Thank YOU ... I love you ~Daark"

 Inside, the floor now burned, along with some of the Burners themselves.

 "Xiija ... Everything you do is amazing. Your willingness to help your abilities to create and the heart you do it with is un equaled. Thank you for your friendship ... I love you ~Daark"

"iSkye ... Thank you for all your support in all I tried to do .. thank you for listening,  thank you for sharing ... I Love you ~Daark"

 Eventually, the flames began to die down as most of the structure had been consumed by the flames.

 "Thank you ALL for making this possible, I wish sometime in future i can go to the rl burn, but this is nice to have in while time :) thank you ALL."

 "Thank you to all the hard working staff that spent months planning this event & to our participants WELCOME HOME & HAPPY BURN! \o/"

Eventually, the Temple was completely gone.

 iSkye shouted, "Wait for the pile of debris, then you can fire away." Once there was, there would be occasional flare-ups.

 I continued to watch from a distance, even when across the sim border as fire and fur do not make for a good mix.

 "Now the Real peace will come one the World thanks to all peoples."

"Begin to make the world a better place! Hug your neighbor today! Seriously! DO it."

 With all the solemnity over the departed, there was some room for clowning around. One guy shouted, "My backside is on fire!!"

And one renamon decided as long as the embers were still warm, time to break out the marshmallows.

Toady was thanked for her work, "Beautiful Temple Burn!!! Thank you TOADY!, Amazing job." "Indeed. Beautifully done!"

I would later speak to Toady, whom told me she had put aside a trip in order to work on the temple. It had been a lot of work, but the results were spectacular. She wasn't sure if she would be able to build it again next year, though.

It was a great Temple Burn, and a great finale to Burn2.

Bixyl Shuftan

Friday, October 7, 2016

The DiXmiX Gallery

By MajikVixen (bluevioletvixen.lorefield)

“And What Say The Dreams?”

Have you ever been so at one with art, that you ate, slept, and breathed it, just for starters?  A lot of what draws us here to Second Life, is the beauty to create and share, so this seems a very obvious answer, but I wanted to share my experience of DiXmiX Gallery with you, anyway!  You see, this place called to me, all my senses were stimulated by the unrelenting aesthetics here.

When I first arrived, I was greeted by the colorful and lilting tree branches, encompassing a very practical and modern looking building, made for beautiful presentations.  I was drawn in, by the many poetic pieces that reminded me of things you'd find in one of Tool's albums, a touch of Marilyn Manson, things found at TheHappyPencil dot com, or something similar.  Whatever the case may be, I was immediately taken back to a very wondrous and emotional place in my artistic past, and I felt ALIVE again.

When I later came back to do a tour with the very kind communal curator, Dixmix Source, he talked about how long this gallery has been in SL and what made him decide to do this, "We opened September 17th, but before, we had another dixmix gallery in another land ... We had to move because we had too many ppl at the opening, so we needed a no limit avatar place for our event (even though the limit is still 100, as per Linden Lab rule).  You know before, I was not into promoting stuff, I was sending some notices to art groups and invited my friends, the gallery was not even in search.  With this one, it's a bigger project, about art, but also, a place to hang around, to make pictures, and take a drink."

I then asked Dixmix how he decides on what artists should go into the gallery and how often it changes, and he thoughtfully responded, "How I decide hahaha, feelings ... I have to be impressed by one picture, then I'm looking if his/her production is quality, if there is a style, then I talk, and see if we can do an exhibition together ... the 'together' is important.  I've been invited so many times in some gallery where the walls were not even nice to pop up the picture, and the owner says 'drop what you want' ... it's fine... But for me, here, I want to be involved in what we are showing.  Artists usually like to be helped with their selections, and I push them to produce more exclusive pieces.  After some weeks of the opening, and artists being in articles, I will begin to change one of the galleries every 2 weeks."

At the beginning of the tour, Dixmix explained that all galleries have two floors (even though we would mostly stay on the ground level).  In the entrance is their thematic room, now occupied by the amazing SL artist, Ariel Brearly.  "...all these pics are from my inventory.  I bought them through the years, but later this year we will have Ariel with new work here," he commented, "Later we will have different themes, like black/white pics from different artists, or pictures from a sim, or pieces based on a word."  I asked Dixmix how he found Ariel, and he replied, "How?  Dunno.  I saw an exhibition of her maybe 6 or 7 years ago, I bought some, then more at another exhibition, and I bought some other pictures by Ariel too, then we become friends.  And we organized an exhibition of her work at Crimarizon's gallery (it was a sim, built by Megan Prumier - co owner and builder of this gallery too).  Megan also built a lot of sims, one of the famous ones being Deadpool - Metropolis city."

I was then taken to a room in the South, with a little bar and one amazing coffee machine.  I clicked on it, and was then able to select my poison *grin*.  Dixmix remarked, "We created this gallery after some others (all were dixmix gallery named), but this time we wanted to promote art as usual, but also have a nice place to hang around.  Since the opening, many bloggers are coming here to take the pictures... it's full of nice chairs, and some little details that Megan created and rezzed here and there, to warm up this modern building."

Then continuing on the tour, Dixmix said, "...then we have 3 areas (the black, grey, and white gallery that we named like that, not because of their walls, but because its shade of monochrome ...and even if we will have colored exhibition, it's a photography theme I really like so much).  The black gallery is occupied with Grazia Horwitz photos, it's her first exhibition in SL, and I found her in Flickr.  As a curator, I select her pictures, and drive her to produce a lot of new ones in the direction I show her.  My curator's job is not only to invite artists and let them go, I'm talking with them, I'm sharing ideas about how it has to be hanging on the walls, and of course it has to match all together.  Some photographers (like me) have many different genres of shooting (portrait, surreal, landscapes, erotics) but I always want to make a strong selection, and all pics of an artist match in a series."

Hard to pick a favorite, but I did mention how much I loved the sculptures.  "All the scupties are bought by us, and most of them are from the Italian sculptor 'Mistero Hifeng,'" Dixmix replied.

In the East, we approached the Grey Gallery, and Dixmix said, "On the walls of the grey gallery, we invited Ziki Questi, who is a SL art blogger, and we have been attracted by the quality of her photography, so I asked her to show 7 of them (as you can see the selection, the blue ones are downstairs and the sunset upstairs.  I should also have sepia, pink, or green, but I want to have an 'ensemble' (in French), a collection."  Questi's style reminded me a bit of a mix between Salvador Dali and Mark Ryden.

Continuing Eastward, we came upon the White Gallery.  " the white gallery are my pictures, a selection of monochromatic sensual photos.  Works on the light and the darkness.  And behind me my favorite chairs (very personal ) hahaha," he proclaimed about Megan's "NOMAD // Sea Mine Chairs."  Love the black and white and limited color erotic photographs in this collection, they massage one's thoughts after having visited the previous works.

Then we stabbed Westward into a cozy and spacious room Dixmix called "The Atom," and Dixmix told me, "'s our party room.  For openings, we always have live DJs, but we will also have live musicians playing here too.  Even our tip jar has been made by Megan, and is a piece of art.  People like to touch it and drop some L$ to support us hahaha.  This is one of our permanent galleries (the other one is up here).  In this one it's Megan's choice (and I asked her to have this collection of her pictures)."  ...This place would be perfect to mingle and talk about the feelings the artwork in the gallery has provoked.

We trudged forth, upstairs and sat in front of a mesmerizingly mechanical memory game.  "...Up here, it's my choice and I select again, in my inventory, from the stuff I'm buying or have received, from artists that had an exhibition earlier in my gallery.  Some games you can play with are here and there, also.  People will discover it when they will take the time.  Come back 10 times and you will still discover new stuff."

I asked Dixmix, at the end of our journey, if he gave these tours to everyone, and he replied, "I did a lot ... we build the gallery early August, but with vacations, we wait until mid September to open it, so I invited some art blogger to make the tour before, and since the opening I'm trying to have a SL magazine like yours... It's good to have press before an event, but also after, because we will always have events here, artists will change.  And making the tour with people helps me to find my way here too (laughter)."

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then I bet the first hand experience is priceless.  Go and see what thoughts and feelings can be brought to the surface of your being, when you live for a few moments, at DiXmiX Gallery ...Your inner poet craves this nourishment. ♥

Additional Information:
Personal Gallery:
Group: DiXmiX Gallery (Group Key: 1f0de95d-9c3b-df47-9b79-db1d8af5c00a)
Preferred contact: dixmix Source


Friday, September 30, 2016


By Gemma Cleanslate

Two of my fishing friends were having a conversation one day during a contest that caught my attention. They were discussing a new inworld game that is called Pokemonsters. (sound familiar?) I intruded and my friend Emily began to explain the game, and then after the contest took me to the headquarters. I was able to pick up a free hud, information and directions on the game, and get to see the explanation posted on billboards. She then showed me the Pokestops, where, by clicking you get aids to the game,….. apples, candy and pokebawls to help with the capture of the monsters. I was almost overwhelmed by that time so decided to read and take my time absorbing and understanding the hud and the extensive directions. I next visited some of the locations of Pokemonster stops just to check them out and collect some the aids,(apples, pokeballs, candies )to aid in capture. I then felt ready to try and go after those little monsters. 
What a riot. It is not easy to get those little guys. First you have to get them to look at you by giving them an apple ( clicking them). Then you go into mouse look and start bombarding them with pokebawls, quickly!! I feel like I was hitting them square between the eyes but kept missing. or, worse yet, they run away! Then I had to find them or another one and start all over again. I began to have success! I have spent about two weeks running around the grid chasing after all kinds of little monsters. They are cute! The creators of this game, Addict Algoma and .۰Ʀεs ۰. (Rems57 Resident) have spent a long time working it out to the the stage it is now but are continuing to perfect what is done and look to the future with new ideas.
There is so much more to find out about too. Each monster has combat points. They are capable of fighting in an arena. The lesser point ones you can capture and then transfer and gain more candies.  I heard the arena is one of the things that they are working on.  There are a few pokestop places that have a lot of little critters running around that are not pokemonsters which can trip you up trying to capture them. The monsters make a cute little sound in their own language that will help identify them. They also wiggle, bob and weave which helps to locate them, but then makes it hard to catch them. I have finally become pretty good at doing that though .
The hud you wear has a book on it where it tells you what monsters you have so far. I have saved some of the best combat points in a pokemonster saver that you can also pick up for free at the headquarters and rezz at home. I have also evolved a couple by depositing them in the machine at the HQ . This changes their appearance and also their combat points and cost you candy to do.  Many people sell their high point pokemonsters by putting them in a box that is also available there. There is still a lot more to learn about this complex game but I wanted to let you know all about it so you can go try it yourself. I need to get an egg and I know I can incubate the egg and will see what I get. 
As you catch more monsters you will rise to a higher level that you can see on your hud. The pokemonsters are really cute and interesting creations.  I have met quite a few addicts so far in my travels around the grid, some playing the “similar “game in real life. Go try it! You can start here at the headquarters and the owners are helpful and there is a group to join that is also helpful with problems. You will also enjoy seeing different locations on the grid where the Pokestops are located. I did.

 Gemma Cleanslate