Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Review: Avatar Planet Foxes

By Grease Coakes

Just like any other furry in the world of Second Life I enjoy shopping around for a new avatar. When I was looking for a human avatar for going to the church in my earlier article I typed out avatar thinking I would find a cheap human avatar. I found a sim called avatar planet at Blacktail Ridge (50/66/215). Thinking it had human avatars I checked it out. I happened to see a vending machine not for human skins but for a fox avatar I never heard of.

I forgot about looking for a human avatar as chances are I had a freebie human skin anyway. So I bought the orange version and went to the church and saved the fox for later.

When I went to a sandbox to try it out I was impressed that it seemed easy to use. The cartoon look is appealing as well. But the cartoon appearance isn’t too cute as a turn off it seems just right.

It did come with an instructions note card however the hud is clear and easy to read. You click the blue buttons and it takes you where it says. Click eye colors one and two for not just one color but two within each eyeball.

As a bonus you can also change the color of your tongue and adjust it sticking out of your fox muzzle. And also that you can open or close your jaw as well. So it would make your avatar appear like you are wagging your tongue like a natural fox animal habit.

As you can see below jaw rotation are the numbers 1 through 4. 1 being closed and four being open all the way.  There’s also paw pad options to change the color of your paw pads and your tongue. The color hud is easy. Click on what you want to change and pick a color from the color palette.

I happened to see a friendly sign that explained their policy and also names to contact if you have a problem with your avatar or it did not deliver after you paid.

Blaze Borgin and Doug Falta did a great job creating this fox avatar. They found the happy medium between bells and whistles and ease of use. You may have heard the expression “less is more.” That’s the case with their avatar planet fox where it’s very simple as I’m playing with the hud I’m not confused at all.

Maybe you’re not interested in a fox avatar? Blaze and Doug made other choices such as a velix whatever that is, but it looks cool like a kind of demon. An otter, a bat, and a red panda.

Wandering around the store I see they also have skins for other avatars and some clothes. So you’re a winner if you check out avatar planet you get a new avatar at a fair price and some new clothes to try out on your new fur and tail.

And that’s another good thing about the avatar. The price as you might have seen on the vending machine is a mere 800L. Other avatars I have seen priced for 900 or 1,000. So for you’re what getting for your money is a steal I’d say.

I have nothing but good feelings and happy vibes about the avatar planet fox. I didn’t try out the other four avatars. However if Doug and Blaze followed the same simple and easy to use hud and graphically appealing design I’d say each of the other avatars is a bargain just like the fox. I highly recommend if you are looking for a new avatar look no farther then Avatar Planet

Grease Coakes

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