Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Art at the Rose Theater

By Gemma Cleanslate

I was able to spend some time this weekend  at the Art Gallery located in the Rose Theater. These are a set of galleries where most of the exhibitors change monthly. After you recover from looking at the beauty of the build when you arrive in the lobby you can turn left to enter into gallery one and traverse from there through the connecting doors into all the first floor galleries, one after another. Each artist exhibiting has a biography card to introduce their style of the pieces  in that room. You will expedience a myriad of mediums and styles, some bright and precise, some delicate and soft, others striking in their scope. It takes a while to get all the flavors expressed in the pieces. I found myself leaving the region and coming back another time to move through into another gallery. 

There is an artist displaying there that I noticed and liked at the SL11B. One thing that attracted me to the exhibit was that it was in Black and White, shadows and light  and was a story you could follow as you looked at the exhibit. I received a notice that the artist, Ana (oceanida Resident) would be exhibiting at The Rose Theater for another week so don’t miss it . Again, the pieces are a study in light and darkness,  Each one  needs to be perused for its beauty. The story of the underground, how it is to the eyes of those who use it for more than getting to transportation, those disposed who live there. I felt as if I was seeing things I would never have noticed if I were waiting for a train. 

This is one of the most interesting exhibits I have visited in SL.  To then enter into the bursts of color all around in the other gallery rooms is a shock . I spent some time in Gallery 8 where Rage Darkstorm is exhibiting. He says of his work,”My fondest hope is that you will not only see my drawings, but also feel their emotional energy. My hope is that what you witness in my drawings will be your own objects, symbols, and archetypes -- they have emerged unconsciously in me and my artwork. “ 

I will leave the rest of the galleries to your thoughts. You can begin your tour in the lobby . When you arrive  take a left for gallery continue throught the others until you arrive back at your starting point . Then climb the stairs to the upper gallery rooms.  As you pass through the massive hallways watch the walls for some more elegant paintings and biographies set in the title. Most remain on view for about a year or more Ranadeep, the curator,  informed me. You can click for information about the artist. A visit to the sims of Angel Manor gives you lots to explore in the Rose Theater. You will find a link to a map showing the various areas halfway up the stairway. There is also an invite to the group so you can follow the new exhibitors as they arrive . 

Gemma Cleanslate

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