Monday, August 5, 2013

The Art and Jewelry Show at the Panorama Art Gallery

By Grease Coakes

When I randomly IMed Timo Dumpling to invite him to come see me DJ, I was surprised when he said yes. Not many humans venture into the wilds of a furry club. He stayed for a short time and tipped me and said he had to go to bed as he lives in Australia. His night time is the morning of the east coast US. He later IMed me and invited me to a jewelry and art show at the same sim. I said sure his event was 3-5pm SLT.

After a break away from SL, I logged on shortly before the event. I ran into Samantha again who greeted me and welcomed me to the art show as she said there was two new artists to display their artwork at the gallery.

One of the two artists I ran into almost instantly was Wanda Muggins. The artwork on the top floor was all computer animation from Photoshop using the flame effect on a black background. Her art work was incredible to look at, especially the fire horse and the picture of the minotaur. I said that computer artwork is an art medium all on its own. Pixar is a good example of that. But there’s still regular artwork today used by Studio Ghibli the Japanese animation studio that created Howl’s moving castle. In fact the cover picture of my children’s book was drawn by hand, not by a computer program.

Wanda also commented that she had many old photos from the era of World War 2. She asked, "I have a lot of original photos that I would like to display from World War 2. Do you think people would be interested in them?"

I answered, "I'd think so WW2 is a big time and period in history. I remember talking to a WW2 survivor over the phone."

Wanda said in real life she had 100 or so photos from World War 2 from a photo album in real life, "I have a book here on Antwerpen. It was given to my Dad before he left there. It has 100 pictures of the bombings and stories in it. (There are) very few of those in the world today. I scanned all the pages and hope to put them in a book."

The other artist was Sandafina Birgisson her niche was jewelry. She showed me her secret to make lovely jewelry with blender which can be found at free of charge. I asked Fina as (As Sandafina’s nickname) why she made jewelry. She answered, "Oh fashion mostly. Who could argue with that? I love using the program blender to make things I learn all the time."

She said right now she just makes jewelry, as blender is hard to work with. Fina had this to add, "O M G, sometimes I wake in the middle of night with an idea, and I have to turn it on."

When I was talking to the two lovely lady artists a DJ showed up around the start of the art show. Isabelle Mavendorf played a variety of genres to a large crowd on the lower floor with Fina’s jewelry display. She played a classical music song and some random electronica and pop music.

All in all it was fun to see the art displayed around the art gallery and I fun talking with the two very talented artists. The DJ played some interesting music and I had fun socializing with the humans there.

Maybe that’s what art and music or one of the two is all about. To express yourself for others to enjoy and to have a good time. I think any human or furry always loves a fun time.

Grease Coakes

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