Thursday, August 15, 2013

Siden Survival/Horror Sim

By Theonlyjohnny Resident

    Siden is an amazing sim, filled with creatures to kill, as well as a vampire castle, a pirate ship, an abandoned town, an elf cave, a place to relax with your partner, and even a hell world. Adding all of this, along with the hud, the weapons, the staff, and the visitors, this is a place a lot of people should check out.

    Siden is mainly a creature killing sim, using a hud, along with a lot of weapons. Like most places, that allow guns, Siden has its own set of weapons, and also allows other weapons. The Siden weapons, unlike most weapons, in SL, are scripted to a minimum. This means they use as little scripts as possible. In fact, they don't even have a draw and sling script. They do, however, have a safe mode. When the weapon is attached, it is automatically put into safe mode, meaning you cannot fire it accidentally. To remove the weapon from safe mode, simply click it. Clicking it again will put it back into safe mode, of course. These weapons don't even have the many mouselook fire scripts that guns usually have. While you can still fire in mouselook, it is not needed to fire/swing these weapons.

    The Siden creatures are affected by nearly all weapons, in SL, but are damaged more by the Siden weapons. This causes more people to want to use the Siden weapons, which reduces lag, a lot. The weapons have a safeguard against griefers. You cannot buy the major weapons, from a vendor. The major weapons are all scattered around the sim, but require a certain level, on your hud, in order to get them. These weapons require ammo, which can be found around the sim, and you must have your weapon, in your hand, in order to pick up ammo. The minor weapons, however, do not require ammo, and can be bought, either around the sim (for free), or at the landing point (using credits). The minor weapons bought, around the sim, are only bats, bloody bats, and crowbars.

    The creatures found here are, rats, minor apparitions, apparitions, strong apparitions, angry ghosts, elder ghosts, hell apparitions, guardians, and then there are the bosses, the Blade Lady, Death Tree, Ghost Lizzy, Flesh Lizzy, and the Siden Van (Siden Mini Event). Of course, the bosses are difficult to defeat. It wouldn't be fun if it was easy. There are also zombies, but killing them does not help you increase your EXP on your hud.

    The Hud is what makes it so you can collect resources, buy things with credits, and level up. The hud is a circle, surrounded by 4 meters. The top meter is purple and it keeps track of your body condition. Each time you die, your body condition will decrease, however there are ways to raise it again, but that is something you need to find for yourself. The right hand meter is cyan, and it keeps track of your Nourishment. There are ways to keep your nourishment high, but what is the fun in me giving you all the answers? The yellow meter, under the hud, keeps track of your Life Style points. And the left hand meter is your health.

    Inside the circle, of your hud, are three rows of words, followed by the menu button, and then there are three circle buttons. The rows of words, in order from top to bottom, are your level, then your cash amount (I like to call them credits), and then there are your experience points (showing how much you have, and the number needed for the next level). The menu shows you, well, the menu, and it is how you can switch between different pages in the hud, of course you will have to figure out them for yourself. The three buttons, on the bottom of the hud, are another thing you will need to figure out for yourself.

    The look of the place is amazing, as so much detail was put into it, and so much work. It is hard to not be impressed by it all. Even the placement of the creatures is amazing, as if they have a plan for everything. This is truly one of a kind, and is a place really worth paying a visit to.

The Siden Survival horror - Elven/Pirate RPG , is at Emata Almarae (115, 8, 656)

Theonlyjohnny Resident

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