Friday, August 19, 2016

Games in Second Life: Linden Realms and 7Seas

By Gemma Cleanslate

Bixyl asked what games do we play. I looked back in my life in sl and I still miss the old casinos , especially the camping casinos ,sorry to say. Sigh. I am not fond of the new gaming possibilities. So far I have not attempted any mostly because of laziness.
One game I still like is chasing crystals in the Linden Realms. It is "stupid fun" to run and escape the rumbling monsters that watch over the crystals and will get you if you are not fast or careful enough. That is okay because there are resurrection sites where you go after they kill you and begin again from there. You never lose the crystal points you have captured and when they are enough to matter you can go and exchange them for lindens. 
Each part of a realm is large and encompasses many adventures to run through. When you first arrive in the realms for the first time you will be asked to complete a quest. I did that years ago, but then you are free to run to any area of the forests, caves, mountains, hollows and find the varied colored crystals that stick out of the ground. Each color offers certain points to exchange. Not only do you have to watch the rock monsters but watch for falling rocks and many other very scary dangers. Try it for yourself. Read the rules and follow them or you will find yourself at home once in a while. 
You will automatically be wearing a hud that keeps track of your crystals while you are in the realms but don’t worry if it does not appear, your points are still added. The entrance is by teleport through a blue arch found at the Linden Portal Park.    

Another game I play almost every day I am in Second Life for at least 30 minutes or possibly more if I have time is 7Seas Fishing Contest. I have been fishing for almost 10 years and not only fishing in contests but hosting them for various places. It is a social activity as well as a contest. All the fishers who are mostly too lazy to hold a rod so fish automatically with invisible rods. It is all random. 
As soon as the cast begins the fishers begin to collect various fish with points that are registered on a leader board that keeps track of the points of the top 5 fishers. At the end of the contest the top winners are rewarded with lindens and possibly trophies and other rewards. Bait is used in almost every contest and we must purchase our own bait. There may be a lot of grumbling taking place as time passes and the fish are not biting. 
Trivia questions play at some of the fishing holes and help pass the time. Conversations can range from fashion to food. Greedy game is available at some of the sites but I have never tried that. And there are many Krafties (another game I have not tried) enthusiasts who come fishing too and have their battles while there.  
There are other forms of fishing in sl but this one is my favorite. There are custom fish to be caught at many of the sites that people love to collect as well as the trophies. Those trophies belong to Grey Nacht who collects them and more. 
You can learn about 7seas Fishing at the website  or you can visit the headquarters inworld.

Gemma Cleanslate

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