Monday, February 8, 2016

Calas Galadhon's Wine Bar and Gallery

By Gemma Cleanslate

After reading Alysabelle‘s article on Glanduin, and feeling the need for a taste of spring during these months of winter I wandered over to the newly reopened Calas Galadhon sims to enjoy the feeling and take a horseback ride. I heard that the Gallery has a new wine bar so stopped off there to check it out. The building is not far from the entrance.
 While there I took a tour of the artists showing their work there now and it was a delightful experience. On the first floor Hamish Blakely is exhibiting his works. I found them absolutely lovely. Most of the works are of dancing pairs in Argentine tango from various views. Each seems to be so alive and moving gracefully in the dance. Hamish is a prolific artist who has shown works in many museums and galleries. He lives in the UK and is a contemporary realist. I sat for a while enjoying his works. I took a look at his website to see other works he has created aside from the dancers. They are lovely especially the Angel collection. 

On the upper floor there is another prolific artist, Paul Van Ginkel displaying his work. I say prolific because his exhibit includes delicate flowers, portraits of flamenco dancers, and many, many horses, from rearing colts, horses with riders to herds of horses thundering across the rivers and plains. I spent a lot of time here too looking at each piece. There are several portraits of Native Americans that I found very beautiful. Paul lives in Canada and has a gallery in Calgary which is considered the “west” of Canada. Of his work he says, “I feel each painting is a creative expression similar to a piece of music, dance performance or poetry. For me, the symbolic ritual of signing the painting represents the completion of the creation, however, also the beginning of its long journey through an unknown future.” and says he is still evolving. 

Near the entrance to the Wine Bar there is also a vendor containing some lovely tapestries from the Calas sims. Don’t miss that on the way by. I picked up a tapestry of a Great Blue Heron. The new wine bar is conducive 

Proceeds from the sales of any item go  to support the Calas Sims which are free for all to enjoy. The owners maintain these sims for the pleasure of those in second life without sales or rentals. Stop into the Gallery and enjoy.

Gemma Cleanslate

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