Monday, June 8, 2015

Ocho Tango

By Ozymandus

Digital Art - Cammino e Vivo Capovolto , Blossom Land (121, 123, 25) also known as "Ocho Tango" is a visually compelling sim that combines the surreal elegance of Salvador Dali with the dark horror of Francisco Goya. Death surrounds you in this abstract world as silent stone titans rise up from a misty swamp, their bodies pierced with arrows, their limbs twisted with despair as they hold the shattered remains of fallen lovers.
When I first arrived at Ocho Tango the sim offered the option of automatically adjusting the wind light settings and, for those of you who are visiting Ocho Tango for the first time I recommend you click "yes" as the sim designer clearly had a strong vision of how he wanted the environment to be experienced. However, for those of you traveling to the sim to create your own photographic masterpieces, don't be afraid to play around with the ambient color setting or the reflective quality of the water.
After wandering around the sim I found that Ocho Tango attracts people of different nationalities. Russian, Japanese, Italian, German and French explorers all seemed to congregate in a countryside cantina, resting on a hill over looking the colossal works of art. It is here the explorers of the sim chat and dance tangos to a romantic soundscape that includes songs by Astor Piazzolla, Julio Iglasias, Caro Emerald and Bajofondo.
"This is a wonderful place!" DonDMarco from St. Petersberg, Russia declared. "Beautiful scenery, music and aura!"

"the reason for the popularity of the sim, I think that regardless of nationality, culture and religion is something that brings people together, it's music, dance, around the world there are many fans of tango, I'm one of them"  His compatriot, Confessa, explained.

Colin Mohindi from France echoed this sentiment; "I like its old feeling perfume, its style from past, it is original place, and dances are nice"

Kamilla Vayandar of Italy agrees; "I love this sim, I decorated mine in the same way, but most of all i love the atmosphere, and the music ... it reminds me of a lost ballroom in Patagonia"
My own impression of Ocho Tango is that it is a place where time stands still and visitors can escape into a simpler world where the sway of dry grass mirrors the movements of the dancers as they linger in a lazy embrace. Content to simply, exist the sentiment of the day seems to be “C’est la vie!” as one gazes out onto a marsh of crumbling statues until the eye is slowly drawn to a murder of crows, circling over the body of a decapitated woman, whose head has been severed, not by the sword or the guillotine, but by a tool as common as a garden shovel. 
Blossom Land (121, 123, 25)


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