Friday, September 19, 2014

The Vinyl Museum: The Club for Lovers of Classic Rock

By Wesley Regenbogen

The Vinyl Museum is a place in the Sunweavers Estates area and it’s the place where music lovers will find what they are looking for. The place is beautifully designed and it has a central fountain is really in the main area. It was built about five years ago in 2009. RECoyote Mindes created the location and his SL wife Perri Prinz created the club, known at the time as "Perri's Xanadu." Since then, it was renamed the "Green Meadows Club," after a club in Perri's stories, and then given it's current name last year.
In the center of the main area there is a large water fountain. There are also a few shops nearby. "Who will you be today?" is the message one reads before going into a place offering a selection of outfits.  One corner is the meeting place of the FCA (Furry Club Alliance). There's also a teleporter which can take you to a few other locations. To teleport to another area within the sim, you need to click the colored area on the ground just in front of the club's entrance. Once you right-click on it, you need to choose “Touch” and then a chair appears. A menu appears with the locations you can teleport to. Choose one of the areas. You need to right-click it and choose ‘Sit here” on the chair to start the teleporter. You will be teleported to the area you choose within minutes. The teleporter will teleport you “Star Trek”-wise towards your new location, which looks very cool. When I gave it a try, there was a problem with the teleporter, but I’m sure that the owner fixed it already.
There is a radio station playing music when you enter the place, 70s music. Perri's personal stream is called "Rockin' Rabbit Radio," but there is often another classic rock station playing between events.  If you feel the need to rest a bit, there are chairs to sit on in the main area. The place has a very colorful dance floor, with  lights shinning down, and  the center looking like a huge slow-spinning vinyl record. The walls are well decorated with rock music artwork. Very cool.
There is a group called “The Vinyl Museum” where you can get more information about the place and also where you can get notified when there are events taking place.
In my personal opinion, this place is the place to be when you are into music, especially 70s music. Since we mostly use CDs and DVDs, vinyls are a bit old-fashioned,but every medium has it’s charm, right ?
Wesley Regenbogen 

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  1. It may need renovations. When you arrive it really gives the feel of a place built years ago and abandoned. It's a neat idea but with so much competition it needs more work to have an edge against newer clubs that look nicer.