Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Club Toxxic Haven

By Theonlyjohnny Resident

    While not one of the largest clubs, or the smallest, or the newest, or the oldest clubs, there is still a feeling that overwhelms me whenever I visit this club. When I first joined SL, Toxxic Haven was a bustling club, filled nearly all hours of the day. However, now it's lucky to see any visitors, even at the times of day that SL recieves its largest amount of visitors.

    This club used to be another home to me. The visitors and staff were like a family to me. It brings a tear to my eye seeing this club so empty. I can vouch for how great this club was. There were no troubles here. There were no fights here, well that happened since I joined SL. This club was truly a haven.

    The design of the club gives you not only a sense of welcome, but a sense of…well it was basically a club that said "Come on in, have fun. I'm right here." It's not too flashy. It's not too bright, nor too dark. It's just an amazing show of cooperation between all aspects of a club.

    The staff of this club were always welcoming, and very friendly. No one was ejected for something wrong. No one was ever banned on their first offense. Everything was right in the world, especially since griefers never showed their faces there.

    I miss this club, and the staff. I will not give any grades on this club, since I am not grading this club. I am simply telling y'all how great a place it was. Please help this club out, don't let it slowly die away. It deserves to last a lot longer.

Theonlyjohnny Resident

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